The Director is the “Ombudsman”. It has the right and the duty to manage the affairs of the ombudsman office independently, without instructions from third parties, and to represent it in accordance with the law, international standards and the articles of association. It can also conduct proceedings.

Independence and technical skills

The Director is independent of the affiliated companies, their branch organisations and the General Assembly.

It has extensive practical experience in the financial sector and the technical skills required to develop and administer a new specialised commercial and workplace mediation system.

At the end of the affiliation period running until 23 December 2020, the Director will supplement its technical and linguistic skills by carefully recruiting appropriate specialist staff.

Appointment and supervision

The Director shall be appointed by the General Assembly.  The appointment is subject to the approval of the Federal Department of Finance (FDF).

Jennifer LYGREN
Director, Ombudsman

Jennifer Lygren is a certified mediator with a university degree in business administration focused on marketing and a Master’s degree in Economic Crime Investigation. She has 15 years of professional experience in the financial sector where she specialised in governance, risk management and internal control, in particular compliance, legal and regulatory risks. Having worked with Swiss and foreign financial services providers, Jennifer Lygren also has excellent knowledge of financial services and instruments as well as of the business practices and regulatory requirements for the conduct of business to which companies authorised by FINMA are subject. She also has an excellent grasp of the regulatory requirements for mediation in the financial sector, both in commercial matters and in labour relations. Thanks to her background, Jennifer Lygren has acquired the skills essential to the development of a new, specialised mediation system whose mandate is not only to conduct mediation proceedings but also to contribute to the supervision and proper functioning of the free economy in the financial market. Trilingual, she can work in French, German and English. She also has a good grounding in Italian.