Affiliation costs

FINSOM’s financial contributions are transparent, fair and proportional to risk. 

Annual base tax

Each affiliated company pays an annual base fee according to its size and type of authorisation in Switzerland up to a maximum of CHF 2’400 per year per type of mediation.

Commercial Mediation and Workplace Mediation are available separately, as chosen by the affiliated company :

  • Commercial Mediation – FinSA : CHF 34 per employee in Switzerland allocated to the activities covered by the affiliation of legal entities subject to FINMA or per “client adviser” (art. 28 FinSA) for other companies.
  • Workplace Mediation : CHF 50 per employee in Switzerland.

Full time equivalent does not apply. An administrator involved in operations counts as an employee. If the contact person is an external person, he/she counts in principle as an employee, except for grouped affiliations. A group can affiliate several legal entities and their branches. An employer can affiliate several client advisers.

See FAQ: How do I calculate the annual base tax ? Why only CHF 34 ? What is a ” client adviser ” under art. 28 FinSA ?

The base tax collected in 2020 is valid for 2021

Procedural fees

In case of admission to mediation, the following rates are borne by the affiliated company concerned and apply to Commercial Mediation and Workplace Mediation :

  • Simple case : CHF 500 per case
  • Complex case : CHF 200 per hour
  • Administrative fee : CHF 50 per case

Mediation is conducted remotely or at a location designated by FINSOM. Any meeting room expenses are at the expense of the company.

Reminder: According to FINSOM’s Rules of Procedure, a mediation procedure doomed to failure must be refused or interrupted.

Other administrative fees
  • Reminder fee :  CHF 50
  • Refund fee : CHF 200

FINSOM refunds the base tax minus CHF 200, if the FINMA authorisation or registration in the register of advisers is not granted. This provision does not apply to companies that were already licensed or registered at the time of their affiliation or that were operating before 1 January 2020.