Affiliation procedure

The affiliation procedure is simple and flexible. It is possible to affiliate in different ways depending on the company’s organisation.

Affiliation can be completed simply by filling out the online affiliation form.

Upon submission of the form the affiliation is automatically confirmed by email to the email address of the contact person indicated in the online form. Once the affiliation is confirmed, FINSOM will issue an invoice payable within 30 days.

When affiliating online, Commercial Mediation is automatically included in the affiliation. It is also possible to opt for Workplace Mediation.

To arrange another way of affiliating besides the online form, if you have any questions about how to fill out the online form or to affiliate only for Workplace Mediation, please contact the Director.

Registration is based on the principle of trust. Data accuracy can be verified by FINSOM or the competent supervisory authority.

When filling out the form, please pay attention to the differences between the base tax of the Commercial Mediation and Workplace Mediation.

Once affiliated, companies still need to inform their clients and agree on the language(s) of mediation. Upon request, FINSOM provides guidance and templates of terms and conditions to affiliated companies.