Affiliation conditions

Swiss or foreign companies that exercise the following activities (financial services) on a professional basis, in Switzerland or for clients in Switzerland, can affiliate to FINSOM:

  • Acquisition or disposal of financial instruments.
  • Receipt and transmission of orders in relation to financial instruments (definition art. 3 let a FinSA).
  • Administration of financial instruments (portfolio management).
  • Provision of personal recommendations on transactions with financial instruments (investment advice).
  • Granting of loans to finance transactions with financial instruments.

Affiliation to FINSOM can be :

FINSOM affiliation is always in the name of the company covered by the affiliation but:

  • A group can affiliate several legal entities.
  • A legal entity can include several branches in their affiliation.

Depending on the organisation of the company it is possible to :

  • Affiliate several companies at the same time or as a group.
  • Affiliate via or with the help of a third party mandated by the company.
  • Designate a contact person external to the company for the administration of the affiliation and/or mediation.

Affiliate companies must comply with FINSOM regulations.