Financial Services Ombudsman

Other activities


Training is essential for the successful integration of a mediation system and the prevention of incidents.

FINSOM will organise basic training sessions on the Commercial Mediation and Workplace Mediation system for affiliated companies.

The first sessions of the basic training will take place after the affiliation period in order to help companies to comply with their new mediation body.

In the future, FINSOM may also organise further training sessions on recurring themes concerning systematic problems. These thematic training sessions are optional.

A company or group of companies may also request tailor-made training sessions.


A mediation body recognised by the Federal Department of Finance (FDF) must also publish an annual activity report on commercial mediation.


According to the legal provisions, FINSOM must inform the competent supervisory body of affiliated, refused or excluded companies.

In accordance with the applicable legal provisions, FINSOM may also exchange information, not accessible to the public, with FINMA, the supervisory organisation, the registration body, the reviewing body, and the FDF regarding identified systematic problems relating to business conduct or commercial practices in the financial sector.

Risk management

In Switzerland many companies of the financial sector must be affiliated to a Commercial Mediation body for investor protection purposes. Employers must also set up a Workplace Mediation system to protect occupational health and performance.

Compliance risks are increasing, complaints are an important psychosocial health hazard and internal incidents can trigger complaints.

If a company had enough conflicts or disputes with its customers or employees to justify investing in an individual mediation system, it would not survive for long.

As with a judicial system, the added value of a mediation system will therefore be seen above all at the macroeconomic level.

Through its activities FINSOM contributes at the macroeconomic level to the reduction of collective costs related to legal proceedings, health and unfair competition.

By centralising companies in a common mediation system that integrates Commercial Mediation and Workplace Mediation, FINSOM also enables affiliated companies to optimise their compliance costs and risk management.