Financial Services Ombudsman

Ombudsman Office


FINSOM is committed to the public interest to ensure a functional mediation system that provides added value to companies, their clients and employees, in the common interest of an efficient and sustainable free economy.

It also aims in particular to transform the costs of compliance into opportunities that contribute to a continuous improvement in the performance of companies, supervision, psychosocial health protection and the judicial system, and thus of the Swiss economy.

FINSOM also aims to contribute to the image and the reputation of the Swiss financial sector.


FINSOM is a “mediation body” or “ombudsman’s office” that administers a system of Mediation for commercial disputes between professional and client or work-related disputes. It acts on a legal mandate granted by the FDF for Commercial Mediation and on a private mandate from affiliated companies for Workplace Mediation.

According to the conditions of recognition under art. 84 FinSA, FINSOM’s main role is to guarantee the independence and technical competence of the persons mandated to conduct the proceedings, and to ensure compliance with the rules of procedure.

According to its legal mandate, FINSOM also has other activities related to financial market supervision and public information.

Excluded activities

FINSOM is an association acting in the public interest and therefore tax-exempt.

It may not engage in activities with the main aim of making a profit or that would pose a conflict of interest to its mediation activities.

The ombudsman office therefore does not provide advice to affiliated companies, clients or employees and does not defend the interests of its affiliated companies in political or legal matters. For these services, the parties are referred to legal consultants and departments or to branch organisations, employee associations or trade unions, consumer or investor associations. FINSOM also does not distribute the products or services of third parties.


As a tax-exempt organisation, the tax authority of the Canton of Valais supervises FINSOM to ensure that the Association acts in the public interest and controls in particular the remuneration.

As an organisation recognised by the FDF, FINSOM’s activities related to Commercial Mediation are supervised by the FDF.

Activities related to Workplace Mediation fall under the supervision of the Labour Inspectorate.